Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Food Poisoning

So, after cooking the aforementioned bacon on Sunday afternoon, I've spent my days throwing up my internal organs, when they weren't coming out of the other end. I know, that's way too much information, but seriously, if I can't post it here, where can I post it?!

M and CJ seem to have escaped miraculously unharmed, and have spent the past two days texting and emailing me what they think are hilarious puns about bacon. I can assure you they are not funny in the slightest, but then maybe I'm just a little on the sore side right now.

Touch wood, I've got through today without anymore explosions of my insides, so hopefully I'll be well enough to go back to work tomorrow. In the meantime though I am going back to my sofa, to wrap myself in my duvet, watch endless CSI repeats and drink flat lemonade. I can tell everyone envies me!

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